Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Free Prepaid Credit Card Plus $20

Free Prepaid Credit Card, Debit Card and Bank Account All In One

Plus $20 FREE When You Sign Up!

If you don't have a credit card, debit card or bank account to set up your online selling business or if you would just like to use a seperate account for your online income there is a great site called where you can get a prepaid debit card for FREE. You simply sign up, they mail you the card and you activate it. You can add funds at a local retail store or have deposits adding from your online selling accounts like Amazon, Google or PayPal. I love this card because you can use it as a credit, debit or get the checking # and routing # from your online account and use it for direct deposit. You can also sign up for anytime alerts and get text messages sent to your cell phone everytime a deposit is made. It's really fast, safe and secure and easy to sign up. I have one of these cards and use it for all my online business.

If you'd like to sign up please leavea  comment below with your e-mail address so I can send a personal invvite, otherwise you won't get the $20 bonus.

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