Thursday, October 14, 2010

Work From Home Sell Avon

Avon is one of the oldest and most popular ways women have generated income from home. I know and have worked with many women who became Avon representatives and loved it. You have the freedom of being your own boss, making up to 50% commission and you can sell online or face to face.

There are many ways to market Avon products and they really do sell themselves. If you work a job outside the home you could supply catalogs to your co-workers or leave them in the work place for anyone to grab and place orders, you could ask family and friends, go door-to-door or sell your products online. Thanks to all the technology we have today selling Avon doesn't have to be a door-to-door selling process. You could create a website simply for selling your Avon products or post your information on your blog, social forums, facebook and twitter.

Click the picture below to get all the information you need absolutely free to decide if Avon selling is right for you.


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