Saturday, April 9, 2011

How to Use Coupons at CVS and Get Free Products With Your Extra Bucks Rewards

Since my site has been seeing lots of new traffic I decided to do a post on my favorite topic.. FREE products from CVS! I love CVS because of the Extra Care card and all the extra bucks I can earn and use to get so many name brand products for free or pennies! Before I found out about the Extra Care program I would have never shopped at CVS, I avoided it like the plague because of the high prices on most name brand products. So here's a free course on how to start scoring freebies and taking full advantage of this reward system and a brush up for you old pros!

First, you need an Extra Care card or CVS reward card. This card allows you to get all the sale prices as they are advertised each week and get the extra care bucks to print at the end of your receipt. Without it, you can't get the deals or the bucks! So go into any CVS store and sign up for a card or go to their website and have one mailed straight to your home.

Then you will need coupons! You'll get the best deals with manufacturer coupons. I get these a variety of ways. I always get a Sunday paper (or 2) so I can get the coupon inserts, I use coupon sites like, and for coupons and then of course sometimes coupons can be found on a manufacturer's website or Facebook page. (I always post links to coupons to bookmark my blog and keep your eyes peeled!)

To get started all you need is the CVS ad from the Sunday paper or you can view it on their website or weeks ahead of time at IHeartCVS! I also post the weekly deals and freebies ahead of time so you can always check here for upcoming deals and free products!

Next match up your coupons to the ad sales that are offering Extra Bucks for that week. Your goal is to get products for free or with overage which takes money off the other items you are purchasing during that trip. Here is an example for this upcoming week:

AirWick and Lysol are on sale and when you purchase $20 worth (before coupons) you get $10 back in Extra Bucks. There are several great coupons to use on this deal so here is the deal I plan to do:

Buy 2 Lysol Neuta Air Starter Kits @ $6 each= $12
Buy 2 AirWick refills @ $5 each= $10

Total before coupons= $22

-(2) $4/Lysol starter kits
-BOGO AirWick refills

Brings my total down to $9 which I will use Extra Bucks from previous weeks to cover and then I will receive $10 back in Extra Bucks so I am actually gaining $1 in Extra Bucks plus all these products!

THEN, you take those extra bucks that you received and apply them to next week's sales and keep "rolling" them so that you never run out and keep getting FREE products! I promise before you know it you'll have a great stockpile of name brand products like I do and it's so much fun! Enjoy and feel free to post any comments or questions. I'm happy to help!

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