Thursday, April 28, 2011

Rite-Aid Deals Week of 5/1-5/7 Free and Cheap!

Rite-Aid Deals for the Week of 5/1-5/7 Free and Cheap Items!

Crest/Oral B- $2.99 get $2 in UP Rewards (limit 4) 

-$1/Crest P&G Mailer and Insert or $1.50/Oral B= FREE or Money Maker!

crest pro health rinse, toothbrush, or toothpaste $4.99 get $2 +up limit 4

-$2/Crest Rinse= $.99 each!
dove deodorant for men $3.99 get $3 +up limit 1

-$1/Dove Deodorant (came with sample from Dove website)= FREE!

gillette fusion $9.99 get $5 +up limit 2

-$5/Gillette Fusion from P&G home mailer= FREE
pampers jumbo pk $9.99 get $2 +up limit 4

-$2/Pampers or $1.50/Pampers= $5.99 or $6.50 per pack

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