Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Great Place to Get FREE Sunday Coupon Inserts

I just discovered this a few weeks ago while I was getting my Sunday papers out of the newspaper machine. In the bottom of the paper machine there is a small space where extra papers, old papers, loose inserts, etc. get tossed and then eventually cleaned out and thrown away. If you look through there you can probably find a bunch of Sunday coupons from previous weeks and the current week. Some people don't care about coupons so if the inserts are loose and falling out of the paper they will just pull them out and toss them in the bottom of the machine. Now keep in mind that if your paper machine is full the metal tray that the papers sit on will be pushed all the way down and you will not be able to see under it so this only works when there are a few papers left and the tray is light and towards the top or if the machine is empty. Since I've discovered this I've been able to get so many more inserts every week! Woohoo!

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