Thursday, September 30, 2010

Barcode Scanner Software

This is a follow up to my previous post Make Money From Home. A few people have asked me what cell phone I use that has a built in barcode scanner. I have a Samsung Intercept with Android from Sprint. There are several different phones that have this feature though and you can contact any service provider and ask them which phones they carry that has a Barcode scanner system. The barcode scanner works through the phone's camera. I go into my apps and use ShopSavvy and this App is completely FREE with my plan. It then brings up a screen for me to manually enter the ISBN or UPC or I can hold the camera over the barcode and it will scan it within 1-2 seconds. It was pretty easy to figure out and get the hang of.

As I mentioned in my first post you can use ScoutPal from any phone with web access. You do not have to go out and upgrade your phone service or buy a brand new phone. I will honestly tell you that I did go out and get a new phone for this project. I don't have the time to enter ISBN numbers when considering hundreds of books so this was just the best way for me. There is also scanning software you can purchase from ScoutPal ( or other scanning companies. I know there is one kind of scanner that hooks directly into your phone and then there is a seperate system that works by itself. I do not own either of them and do not plan to buy either unless it would be absolutely necessary for some reason. My phone works well for this and I plan to use it a lot more in the near future.

Good luck and please contact me with anymore questions. I'm happy to help! =) Happy sales!

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