Saturday, September 25, 2010

Similac Formula Recall

Abbott Laboratories Inc., the makers of Similac baby formula, is voluntarily recalling certain lot numbers of their powdered baby formula because there is a 'remote possibility' that they may contain small insect parts and beetle larvae.

This does not affect the Similac liquid concentrate formulas. Similac has recalled just under 5 million cans of formula. If your child uses Similac formula please go to to see if your containers are on the recall list and more likely than not, they will be!

We had 6 plastic containers of Similac Sensitive formula (23.2 oz.) in our home and every container was on the recall list. You can return the formula directly to Abbott Laboratories at no charge to you or you can return it to a local store where it was purchased.

In our area Kroger stores will not take the formula without a receipt, but Wal-Mart is taking the formula with or without a receipt, no matter where it was purchased. This may not be the case in every area. Our Wal-Mart store offers an exchange or a Wal-Mart gift card. I did not have a receipt for my Similac and it was purchased at our local Kroger store, but I was able to return all 6 containers to Wal-Mart for a $126 gift card.

Please be sure to check your containers and return them to the appropriate facilities. If no store in your area will take your formula without a receipt you can return it to Abbott for a refund, but this will take 4-6 weeks.

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